Find out more about Fayette County Health Center. The Fayette County Health Center Authority (FCHCA) manages the facility as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Beyond Health Care

The Fayette County Health Center Authority provides property management services to support the agencies that operate out of our facility. Our board of directors is composed of volunteers from our community who provide guidance, wisdom, and the benefit of their professional experience for of all the Fayette County residents who work at the facility or visit us for services from the experts at the agencies located here. Our administrator and building services staff invite you to visit us.

Our Board of Directors

We have five County Residents appointed as volunteer board members to help with the building administration. Each year, one board member's five-year term expires, and the member is either reappointed for five years or a new board member is appointed as a replacement. Our board meetings are open to the public. Our board is very supportive of many other community agencies and community development programs and encourages our administrative staff to actively participate when possible with community outreach activities.

Renting Space

We have conference rooms and professional offices for rent. Office rental includes utilities and housekeeping. Cleaning services and room setups are available with conference room rental.

Tenants can use our skilled staff to renovate office space to meet their needs at a cost savings from outside contractor rates. We design projects and submit proposals for work to be performed for their approval.

Chamber of Commerce

We are a member of the Chamber of Commerce and always check with other members of the chamber when procuring products and services. We like to buy local and support our community. We have worked closely with our local Habitat for Humanity, vocational-technical school, and many of our county social service providers.


Applications are being accepted for office space at the Fayette County Health Center, 100 New Salem Road, Uniontown, PA 15401. We recently had about 1,700 Square Feet of office space become available. Our facility is a prime location and is conveniently located close to the hospitals, clinics, malls, shopping, hotels and restaurants. We accommodate 2,000 to 3,000 local residents with counseling and clinical services now per week. Public transportation provides accessibility for clients that do not drive, plus we have adequate free parking for visitors and staff. We are an all-inclusive opportunity with housekeeping services, security, alarm, video monitoring, trash and all utilities included in our rent. We have a food court on site for visitors and staff. Two minutes' drive to Interstate Route 43 with a twenty minutes' drive to Morgantown West Virginia and a forty minutes' drive to Pittsburgh. Contact the Administration office for more information:

Daniel T. Visnauskas / Administrator
Fayette County Health Center Authority, 100 New Salem Road, Suite 104, Uniontown, Pennsylvania 15401

  • Phone: (724) 439-6171
  • Fax Line: (724) 439-3874