At Fayette County Health Center, we strive to create a safe, welcoming environment where everyone feels comfortable. We ask that all visitors abide by our policies regarding children and animals.

Unsupervised Children

FCHCA does not allow children under the age of 16 to be in the facility unattended. The Information Center Staff has been instructed to try to locate parents and/or guardians of children left unsupervised. Due to confidentiality issues with agencies and their clients, the Information Center Staff is limited in their ability to obtain information or locate people in the building.

If an unsupervised child is being disruptive and a parent or guardian is not found within a ten-minute period, the Information Center Staff is instructed to contact the State Police. The State Police will determine if the child is at risk and contact Children and Youth Services.


It is the policy of FCHCA to provide a safe environment for our tenants, FCHCA staff, and visitors. Personal pets are not permitted in the facility. We do make exceptions when an animal is used as a guide, for therapy, or as support for someone with a disability. Please ensure all animals are licensed and up-to-date with their shots.