Parking & Deliveries

Adequate parking is available for tenants and visitors to Fayette County Health Center, and our facility is easily accessible via FACT public transportation. Parking in front of the building is reserved for clients and visitors. Employees are instructed to use the spaces in the upper parking area to provide easier parking for our guests. This also reduces the traffic around the facility caused by drivers circling the building while they wait for a spot to become available. Overnight parking must be approved by administration, and vehicles must be parked in the upper parking area. Please follow these basic parking rules:

• Park between the lines.
• Park your vehicle safely. Do not park with your vehicle sticking out into the road.
• DO NOT park in front of the building to make a delivery. All delivery drivers are required to use the rear entrance.
• DO NOT park in a loading area.
• Display your Handicap Parking Permit if you are parking in a Handicap Space. If you do not have a permanent disability and require a temporary arrangement to park closer for a medical reason, contact the administration for assistance.
• DO NOT park in spaces reserved for someone else. If your reserved space is taken, report it to the Information Center Staff. Appropriate action will be taken.
• DO NOT park in "NO PARKING ZONES". Most violators will be notified with a "ONE TIME WARNING". Warnings are recorded along with the vehicle's license number, make, model, and color and the date and time of violation.

Arrangements have been made with Joby's Gulf Station, Fayette & Beeson Streets, Uniontown — (724) 438-0681 or (724) 437-2359 — to have vehicles towed at the owner's expense. FCHCA Administration is authorized by South Union Township to issue a summons if necessary. Our parking lots are also spot checked by both local and state agencies for your added safety.


All deliveries must be made through the rear entrance. A delivery parking area is designated and allows vendors time to unload and deliver. Vendors who frequent the facility will often need to sign in and provide general information to remain on file with the Information Center Staff. Future visits will require only a sign in and out.

Red Friday Parking Sign

Veteran Parking Sign

Red Friday

Many Americans simply want to recognize that the vast majority of America supports our troops. Our idea of showing solidarity and support for our troops with dignity and respect can be shared by everyone on Friday. Every Friday, until the troops all come home, we can send a deafening message of support.

Every red-blooded American who supports our men and women in uniform will wear something red. To encourage everyone to participate, we designated our "Employee of The Month" parking spot as a "Red Friday-Support Our Troops" spot. Instead of a monthly drawing for the privilege of parking in the reserved spot in front of the building, we will have a weekly Friday drawing. Anyone wearing red on Friday will have their name included in the draw. Look around our facility and notice those who wear red on Friday.

Be proud, support our troops, and participate! Fayette County Health Center Red Friday t-shirts are available at the administration office. If you are a Veteran and are looking for a parking spot, look for our parking spots for Veterans.